What Cosplaying Means To Us!

To us cosplaying isn't just dressing up as a character, it is a way to express who you really are, it's a way to show the side of yourself your normally afraid to. It gives you a chance to meet new people, and have no limits. It just gives you a reason to be happy and show how artistic you can really be.

I just love seeing everyone's amazing cosplays, it just takes my breathe away to see how am
azing and how talented everyone is.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who made going to Sakura-Con more than just going to a convention you made it a home. I don't believe we've ever felt so welcome.

Thank you.

About 'Erokawaii'

Hello everyone!
We're the cosplay group, EroKawaii!

Our group is made up of four
wondeful members, Small, but I hope in the future it'll grow much bigger. We are trying to expand our name as cosplayers, and bring others entertainment. EroKawaii has completed several cosplays and we have a long list of cosplays to complete in the future. I'll be updating the website and posting our photo shoots. I hope you all will keep supporting us all the way!

 Where To Find Us:

Cure Cosplay