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Mihael Keehl
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Cow Maid (Original)

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A little About Me:

My name is Kara Lynn Smiley, I'm 15 years old and the youngest member of EroKawaii.

This year I attending Emerald Ridge High School, I hope to see all my friends there last year as I was unfortunate having to attend a different school then them.

Abe is my boyfriend, we've been together for a year and if it wasn't for Sakura-Con 08 we probably wouldn't be together.
I love him so much, nothing can ever make me hate him.
We play video games together, we beat a couple already and we're currently playing Final Fantasy X.

If I had to pick between anime and video games I'd have to pick video games, I just love Kingdom Hearts and the Final Fantasy series.
I have an old school NintedoDS, I play animal crossing on it.

I love a lot of food, mostly sweets haha, that can't be good for my health.
I looove strawberries and watermelon, I eat chocolate a lot I guess that's what I get for being a Mihael Keehl fan. Hah.

Sakura-Con 08 was my first convention, I spent most of my time in the dealers hall. We stayed at the Hilton which was really nice, better than the hotel we stayed in this year.

Sakura-Con 09 was even more amazing than 08, I spent A LOT of my time in the glomp circle. Ichigo from Bleach was the best glomper in the circle, I made friends with an L cosplayer he was cool. 8D

I have two dogs, Boco she's a Chow/Lab mix, and Chubbs which we adopted he's a pure breed Australian Shepperd.
Abe got me two female dwarf hamsters for my birthday I named them Marth and Ike. I named them after our Super Smash Brothers characters.

My about me section may be longer than the others because I'm the one writting them.