Sadly wasn't as good as all the other years.
Basically worked on cosplays all of Friday.
Didn't really go to any panels either.
Friday night I wore my Albel Nox cosplay (Worked so hard on) and it started falling apart, sadly.
; -;

Things I bought:
Blood+ sword
Allen Walker sword
+5 D.Gray-Man Charms
Chibi Axel Charm
White Fox Tail
Ouran High School Host Club Wall Scroll

Pictures up on my myspace,
here, :D

Will be posting a video on YouTube later.
We almost have +2,000 page views on Deviant Art.
I know, I know, not much but still It makes me super happy.

Thanks everyone!!
1,000+ page views on Deviant Art!!

I'd like to thank everyone who helped us with getting all these page views.
I would also like to thank everyone who has favourited our photos, thank you all for adding us to your DA watch!

Each and every pageview or comment really makes a difference.

Thank you!!

Hello Everyone!

As you can see this is EroKawaii's official website.
I'll try to keep you all updated, Blog about our events or shoots or something, Uh, I guess I'll just post stuff....
So, Uh, Please  check out our blogs, Comment are appreciated, Check out our pictures and other sites, Which can be found on the home page.